Gallery curation + Creative direction

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From 2010 to 2012, I co-owned and operated two alternative art spaces in Seoul, South Korea, serving as the primary Curator and Creative Director for both.

The first space, Laughing Tree Gallery, began its life as my personal art studio. During the course of creating a new body of work for exhibition, I decided to transform the small storefront space into a gallery where I could show not just my work, but the work of other emerging expat and Korean artists as well.

My successful solo exhibition in September of 2010 offered a great proof of concept, so a number of other artists began submitting to show there as well.

Not merely a gallery, the tiny little space served as a cultural magnet and became a hub for creatives of all sorts to connect. Artists, writers, designers, performers, makers and thinkers from all around Korea came out of the woodwork and began gathering at Laughing Tree Gallery.

Our stated mission was displayed prominently beside the door: Create. Collaborate. Reimagine, Inspire. 

We hosted film nights, craft workshops, writers nights and salon gatherings. During our time there, we put on six exhibition opening events and, each time, the crowds grew larger.

The space was only about fifteen by twenty feet, so when neighbors started calling the police to complain about the noise from the hundred-plus people that were showing up and  spilling out onto the street, we realized it was time to find a bigger space.

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Not long after, a basement unit in an even better location became available that was about five times larger. While my partner and I had handled all of the renovations and operations on the first space, we realized we needed to form a team to pull off this expansion. We partnered with several friends who offered to invest their money, time or talents to bring Laughing Tree LAB to life.

This new space included a stage, so we were now able to include performance art, live music, DJs, theater, spoken word, and comedy in the mix of programming.

In addition to the exhibitions and events, we also made the space available for community rental, and it was used for a photography studio, film location, raw foods workshop classroom, private party location, even as a ballroom for a goth prom!


Performances and Events

Curatorial Experience

Curated at Lauging Tree Gallery

2010 - Urban Excerpts - Adam Lofbomm

2010 - I Could Taste Your Lipstick on The Filter - Vincent Troia exhibition

2011 - Color of Calm - Anya Dennis exhibition

2011 - Un Escargot Vide? (Sautel Cago) with Jeon Jiyoon performance art

2011 - Internal Affairs - Joel Bewley exhibition

2011 - Concrete Experience - w/ Andy St. Louis exhibition

2011 - Charity Collage - Yoona Lim exhibition

Curated at Laughing Tree LAB

2011 - Expat Apartment Project - Anthony Dell’Ario & Elizabeth Groeschen exhibition

2011 - LAB Launch “In Vitro" event/exhibition

2011 - Rorschach Test - Younsoo Kwak exhibition

2011 - ANTI•TLED - Raul Pizzaro exhibition

2011 - Solmundae: Women Create event/exhibition

2011 - AWEH Launch event/exhibition

2011 - Fear Eats the Seoul Grindhouse Edition - Nic Calder film screening

Curatorial Collaborations

2009 - UNIQUE - Owl Bus - Seoul, Korea

2010 - DRIPAN Art Walk - Haebangchon & Kyungridan Districts - Seoul, Korea

2010 - Psnap Snaps! - STEREO - Seoul, Korea

2011- Korea International Arts Festival 2011 w/ KoPAS - Seoul, Korea

2011 - Nudes Trilogy - Myeongdong Gallery - Seoul, Korea

2015 - Mirror, Mirror w/ ANKR (Artists Network Korea) -  Gallery M - Seoul, Korea

2017 - Aspects of the Whole - Studio Oh! - Chicago, USA