Concrete Experience Statement

Erotic is my impulse to explore and photograph the city. I am seeking out it's unique qualities and features, honoring them by capturing and meditating on them, collecting and collating these moments of attraction as in a lover's diary.

The body of the city...Corpus Urbani.

Like a lover I pore over her form, exploring every twist and turn. The hidden, unseen parts of one's beloved are more precious than those polished bits prepared for public view. Her secret scars and blemishes and idiosyncrasies become her charms. You find you love her not in spite of her imperfections, but because of them. They make her real; reveal her fragility and her strength. These marks tell of her loves, her labors, her history.

These images of mine are poetic, in so far as the poet, motivated by desire and awe, is compelled to try to communicate, to capture, to crystallize that certain encounter, that look she gives, that laugh that stirs the heart so.

Each new city I enter feels like a fresh romance; each new city I call home like a courtship. There's the excitement of trying each other on, the initial flirtations and inherent misunderstandings, the unfolding process of finding the way. On a first date, initial impressions and memories seem so strong and so vivid, and yet so often show themselves to be naïve and erroneous in hindsight. And just like our lovers, each city leaves it's indelible marks on us, changes us somehow: expanding our circles of awareness, deepening our pools of perspective, making us that much more fully aware of who we are for having encountered them.