Adam Lofbomm is a visual artist who works primarily in photographic-based mixed media. Originally hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Adam grew up with two multidisciplinary artists for parents, but is otherwise self-taught. He has lived in Annapolis, Boston, San Francisco, and Seoul, South Korea. During the decade he spent in Seoul, he created and directed Laughing Tree Gallery and Laughing Tree LAB, two alternative art/performance spaces. At a Seoul Museum of Art residency in 2010, he began fusing urban textures and street art with the human form by means of incorporating video projection into his studio shoots. Now a resident of the Chicago Arts District, Adam is forever wandering but not lost in his new favorite city.  


Artist Statements




1997-2000 - St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD - Philosophy, Classics

2006-2017 - DePaul University, Chicago, IL - Creative Arts Business

2011 - Seoul Museum of Arts Nanji Studio Residency (February-March)


2010 - Owner and Curator of six exhibitions at Laughing Tree Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 - Co-organizer of DRIPAN Art Walk & Psnap Snaps art events

2011-2012 - Owner and Curator of seven exhibitions at Laughing Tree LAB, Seoul, Korea


2009 - UNIQUE - Two-man show with J. Tetrick at Owl Bus, Seoul, Korea

2009 - UNTITLED - Group show at Hair of the Dog, Nashville, USA

2010 - URBAN EXCERPTS - Solo show at Laughing Tree Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 - Nudes Renaissance - Group show at Myeongdong Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 - Yongsan International Art Exhibition at Yongsan Culture Hall, Seoul, Korea

2010 - DRIPAN Art Walk - Group show at Noksapyeong District, Seoul, Korea

2011 - Where are All the Heroes? - Group show at Gallery DOT, Ulsan, Korea

2011 - Psnap Snaps - Group show at Stereo Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

2011 - IN VITRO - Group show at Laughing Tree LAB, Seoul, Korea

2011- Korea International Arts Festival - Solo show at Gallery Ohoo, Seoul, Korea

2011 - Seoulmundae - Group show at Laughing Tree LAB, Seoul, Korea

2011 - Erotic Fantasies - IAC Group show at Blind Spot, Seoul, Korea 

2015 - Mirror, Mirror - Artist Network Korea show at Gallery M, Seoul, Korea

2016 - A Thin Line - Group show at Studio Oh!, Chicago, USA

2017 - Aspects of the Whole - 4-person show at Studio Oh!, Chicago, USA