Instagrammatical Statement

During the last five years, I experienced a lot of upheaval and change in my life, including moving from one side of the globe to the other, three times. I was often without a steady studio space and Instagram became my art refuge. I began using Instagram to my liking, crafting an ongoing, continuous, and constantly evolving composition. It reads like a visual mixtape, where I weave in new visual passages and textures, while keeping time with the underlying beat. Working within this grid offers me a creative limitation as the restraint frees the mind. Within these self-imposed limits, I play an ongoing game.


Bringing my Instagram into the real world comes out of an urge to somehow reverse the trend toward digitizing everything. My process is deeply digital, but in the end, what I create are things with substance and weight. This series elicited memories of electric excitement in seeing seven-inch punk rock records covering the walls of my local record shop with vibrant color and promise of discovery. Instagrammatical contains excerpts from three ongoing series of mine: Corpus Urbani, Urban Excerpts and Arcana 22.