Naked in public. Again.

Welcome to my first post on my first new blog in a very, very long time, Urban Wander.

I know...I can hear you out there cringing already. Here we go. Yet another damned blog being born. We need that like we need another choice in the cereal aisle.

You've heard it all before. Seen it. Been there. Done it. Who, in gods' names needs another blog on the planet? I get it, I do.

But, the simple truth is, I do. That's who.

I am one painfully- and chronically-clogged writer much in need of an outlet. A place to blow off some steam, let it all hang out, wrestle with some things. In public.

Why in public? Why not in a private journal instead?

I think because I need the stakes of the public eye to motivate me. When you're naked by yourself it's one thing, but when you're naked with other people in the room, you tend to step it up a notch.

Draw that gut in, lift your shoulders a little higher. It's still just naked you, but ever so slightly improved. 

I've journaled with some irregularity over the years, but when I know there's no possible way that anyone is ever going to see it (until maybe I'm dead and gone or someone shady is snooping around), I just don't bring my A-game in the same way. 

Here, though, knowing that at some point I'm going to press that post button and put it out before all The Interwebs to see if they so choose, lights a little fire under my behind to try to make my words just a little bit better, slightly sharper, more in focus.

So here we are. And there we have it, my very first, very lame little blog post. My "shitty first draft," as Ann Lamott likes to say. But I got it done. I'm not just thinking about it, or talking about it, or planning to do it. I did it, and now it's done.

The next one will surely be better.

Until then, my friends, wander well.

Adam LofbommComment